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Erica's Journal

6 April
80s, a christmas carol, aim, american life, ancient history, angelina jolie, anime, anne rice, antonio banderas, apoptygma berzerk, armwarmers, art, assemblage 23, autumn, basset hounds, batting cages, bauhaus, bedtime stories, being cool, bella morte, bettie page, björk, black and white photographs, boston, boston red sox, cameras, christmas, christmas eve, cinnamon toast crunch, class of 2006, classic disney movies, collide, coloring, comedy, computers, conan o brien, creativity, day dreams, debates, digital cameras, dir en grey, disney world, disneyworld, diva destruction, dogs, drama, dvds, el jay, erotica, eye-liner, faeries, faith & the muse, fall, falling leaves, funker vogt, funky hats, funky scarves, ghost stories, gifts, glitter, grease, hammicks, hats, haunted houses, henna, his eyes, history, hocus pocus, html, icon, inkubus sukkubus, intellectual conversations, interview with the vampire, jason varitek, johnny damon, johnny depp, jrock, justify my love, legwarmers, libraries, lipgloss, livejournal, living dead dolls, madonna, malice mizer, medieval, metal, movies, museums, music, my bitches, my friends, nailpolish, nature, open-minded people, otep, paranormal, photographs, photography, pictures, pictures of you, pink ladies, platforms, poetry, pools, rain, ray of light, reading, reinvention tour, relaxing, roses, salem massachusetts, scarves, scissorkiss, sea lions, skeleton keys, snow, snow angels, snow storms, snowman, stars, stick figures, swimming, switchblade symphony, the 80s, the craft, the cure, the da vinci code, the last samurai, the moon, the night, the sky, the snow, thunderstorms, tom cruise, tori amos, vampyres, victorian homes, vnv nation, vogue, wicca, windy days, winter, wolfsheim, wop, world history, writing, writing poetry, wumpscut,